The host of an online group I attended recently asked, what are one or two things you want to do that you haven’t been able to do this past year?

Meet with friends, travel, dine in a restaurant – and my favorite, go on a hug-fest!

Myself, I will have the privilege of attending some non-profit galas to celebrate and honor well-deserved honorees.

Short of having to determine which dressy wear still fits, post-Covid, it will be a delight to shed my casual clothes for something with a little sparkle or shine. I want to connect with those I haven’t seen in so long and kick up my heels and dance.

When you imagine yourself free to go anywhere and do anything, what would it be?
Are you tired of seeing family on the small screen and are ready to see them in person even if it means traveling long distances?

Are you ready to thrust yourself back into activities, classes, and groups whether it be for business or pleasure?

Or does sitting in a park or stretching out at a local beach make you moan out loud?

Whatever you choose next, may you take with you all the wisdom and knowledge you gained during this long quarantine – giving you the freedom to deeply, richly, and completely enjoy the activity, savoring each moment.